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Virginia's Highway System: Deteriorating Roads and Jobs Lost

6-25-2010 : Old Dominion Highway Contractors Association

Two decades ago, Virginia's transportation program was the envy of the nation, but today we face an ongoing crisis. Our transportation infrastructure is crumbling and our investment in those critical facilities is deteriorating. Virginia is in dire need of dedicated, long-term and sustainable revenue for maintenance, new construction of highways, and expansion of transit and rail. The continuing political stalemate on transportation funding solutions threatens economic prosperity, our reputation for having the best business environment in the nation and the quality of life of all Virginians.

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Virginia's Highway System & Contractors: Deteriorating Roads & An Industry's Fight for Survival

1-15-2010 : Old Dominion Highway Contractors Association

Inadequate maintenance funding has resulted in increased pavement deficiencies on Virginia's highway system. In 2009, about 20% of interstate highways, 25% of primary roads and more than 30% of secondary roads in Virginia have deficient pavement. If trends continue, by 2011 about 40% of Virginia's secondary roads and 79% of the entire system will be substandard.

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