Highway/Municipal Projects

City of Charlottesville

Project Materials

Asphalt paving of 14 1/2 miles of City streets, including milling and patching of various locations.


This annual contract involves a coordinated effort of planning and traffic control with the City of Charlottesville. Prior to paving, most of the existing surface mix is milled off so that the new pavement can be installed at the same level as the existing. This mill material (RAP- recycled asphalt product) is then taken to one of our plants, screened and sorted into stockpiles depending on aggregate sizes and reintroduced into the new mixture in varying percentages from 10-25% depending on the type of asphalt produced. The 'new' mix with the recycled components is actually superior to an all new (virgin) blend as the aged liquid asphalt in the recycled material increases the viscosity in the final blend, creating a stronger and more durable product.