Special Projects

S. L. Williamson and Co., Inc. has a full repertoire of special roadway projects. We are extremely proud to include in our long list of services, special restoration projects that enhance our rich historical and cultural community. We have worked at Key Alley on the University of Virginia’s beloved West Lawn, at the Monticello Visitor Center and at the Wagon Road at James Madison’s Montpelier. These special projects challenge us to replicate the look of the original, while at the same time providing for heavy modern day foot and vehicle traffic and for maintenance and durability issues.

Sample Projects

Key Alley, East Lawn - University of Virginia Projects

After removing old surface, we re-graded and then laid an asphalt base and brown stone surface treatment on top.

Monticello Visitor Center

This project really shows the widely varied pavement surfaces S. L. Williamson is experienced with.

UVA Field Hockey Field

Porous Paving

UVA Snyder Tennis Center

Traditional tennis court paving.